Savannah Flats

Role Web Designer
Agency Leaselabs at Realpage
Client Website Theme for Multifamily Housing Properties

Client Information

Every season LeaseLabs by Realpage showcases a collection of themes designed specifically for multifamily properties. The Theme Collections represent a new kind of website product offering the blend of strengths that both LeaseLabs and RealPage website product offerings. These themes give properties everything they need to have a website up and running within 10 business days. Not only do these websites give a beautiful aesthetic appeal, but they also have been thoughtfully designed to give better performance overall.

Project Objective

To create a portfolio theme with a unique floor plan filter widget and a neighborhood search widget. This theme should appeal to the prospect that enjoys the easy life, the messaging will speak to enjoy on-site amenities as if it were a vacation at home. Accessibility is key with these themes, and everything from copy to design shouldn’t be overly complex.

Savannah Flats

Target Demographic

Who Are Our Users? Most prospects are commuters that work within the city and enjoy the simpler quiet life the suburbs provide for their downtime. Age will range from the late ’20s to the early ’40s, mostly singles and couples, a small mix of young families with the possibility of some empty nesters.

1: Garden-style community located in the suburbs of a large midwest urban city. The property recently went through a facelift and features upgraded amenities both on-site and inside the units.

2: Mid-Rise community located in less condensed neighborhoods within a large city in the south. This is the newest development to be introduced into the area offering new amenities and finishes not frequently seen in the area.

3: Mid-Rise community located in mid-size town/city in a Florida-like landscape. This property is established in the community and centrally located to many shops, dining, and nightlife. Property should have amenities that would be expected from a Florida resident that they value - large pool areas and outdoor lounges to take advantage of pleasant weather, and perhaps proximity to golf. This should target a potentially older demographic over the younger end of our target audience spectrum (the 30s - 40s).

Designing the Wireframe

Savannah Flats I started with a wireframe to easily map out how the layout of each page will look like. After some iterations and usability testing, I moved onto the prototyping phase. This saved me time since all the iterations were done to the structure of the site and once the framework had been worked out, I was able to focus on the visual aspects of the design.

Website Mobile Experience

Savannah Flats

Style Guide

Since Savannah Flats is a portfolio theme, a style guide was created in order to provide some guidelines on how the website should be built to accomodate multiple properties using the theme with their own branding and color palette. Instructions were provided on how to code the color overlays and which colors would be editable in our content management system.

Full Homepage Design