Papas & Beer

Role UX Designer
Agency Zitro Creative
Client Papas & Beer

Client Information

Papas & Beer is a partying spring breakerís dream. This beach-front club gives Las Vegas a run for their money by providing limitless entertainment with their multifaceted venue and unprecedented music line-up. At the heart of Rosarito, MX, Papas & Beer provides the ultimate adult playground where individuals can party, eat delicious food and create amazing vacation memories with all their friends.

Project Objective

Papas & Beer is looking to rebrand and redesign their website, allowing users to learn more about the venue, book event tickets online and streamline the checkout process. Since most of their users are visiting the website on their mobile devices, designing with accessibility in mind is precedent. Papas & Beer would also make it really easy for users to explore their peak season events as well as increase revenue for their off-season events.

Papas & Beer


Who Are Our Users? Located only 30 minutes from the US/Mexico border, Papas & Beer receives a majority of their guests from San Diego, Los Angeles and all throughout the West Coast. Most guests are college students. Since the drinking age in Mexico is 18, Papas & Beer guest age ranges from 18 to late 20's. After reviewing our findings from the site's Google analytics, we've learned that most users are visiting the website on a mobile device.

Since Papas & Beer is a beach-front club, it experiences peak seasons in spring and summer during their guests' spring and summer breaks. Another goal for this project would be to highlight those seasons since it brings the most revenue but also feature things guests can do during the off-season when the beachclub is not as busy.


By analyzing who our users are, statistics show that most users will be coming to the website to learn more about the beach club, mainly through their mobile device, are 20-30 years in age people who like to have a good time without spending too much money. Given the age range, these users are also people who heavily use social media, with that knowledge we would like to make things shareable for free publicity.

User Persona

Papas & Beer By creating this user persona, It gave me a clear idea of the path they would take to achieve their goal. It helped me to understand my users' needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

Designing the Wireframe

Papas & Beer I started with a wireframe to easily map out how the layout of each page will look like. After some iterations and usability testing, I moved onto the prototyping phase. This saved me time since all the iterations were done to the structure of the site and once the framework had been worked out, I was able to focus on the visual aspects of the design.

Mobile Checkout Process

Papas & Beer Since Papas & Beer is a venue with a mission statement "Where freedom is allowed", I highlight this as much as I can with lots of images of the venue and past events. One of the features we incorporated with our design to make it easy for the users to check into the event would be to provide individual QR codes that users can assign to their friends so they do not all have to check in at the same time. As long as the user has their ID and their individual QR ticket on their phone via email, they can check in even if they were not the one that purchased the event tickets.

Full Homepage Design

What I've Learned

Papas & Beer was one of the first projects I've done as a UX designer. It helped me learn how to work within a team remotely as well as having in-person collaborations. I learned how to design to tell a story and sell an experience as well as solve unique problems that users came across while purchasing event tickets.