Role Web Designer
Agency LeaseLabs by Realpage
Duration December 2017 - Present


I started working at LeaseLabs as a web designer at the end of 2017 in San Diego, CA. I currently still work there but as a remote web designer based in Berkeley, CA since late 2018. In this role I collaborate closely with my peers as well as members from other depeartments to create custom websites, website themes and corporate websites for the multifamily housing realm. Since joining the team I have gained experience working in an agency environment and helped contribute and improve the design process for all of our projects.

Project Types

Working at a design agency has given me the opportunity to design for a wide range of projects with unique needs. We typically have 3 types of projects that we work on which are custom websites, website themes and corporate websites.

Custom Websites are fully custom property websites designed and developed from scratch. Each property website is approached strategically and designed with Scrolling Page Architecture™ which is optimized for the best user-experience. These websites are curated specifically for the property and it's brand to provide a memorable experience for the user with beautiful photography, custom patterns, carefully chosen fonts and microinteractions.

Website Themes are template websites designed for properties. These types of projects present a unique problem where the design is shared by mulitple properties so it can't be too customized where elements or visuals would conflict with a certain property's branding. Special consideration has to be made by thinking about spaces for content/images, different logo dimensions, and where colors/fonts can be swapped out in our content management system. These themes will also follow the same structure as custom designs with Scrolling Page Architecture™.

Corporate Websites are custom websites designed for our property management clients. These sites are more heftier than the typical SPAs and incorporate property searches, landing pages and complex integrations. These sites will have multiple interior pages that may also have subpages which more time is given to complete the lifecycle of these projects.


Upon joining the web design team at LeaseLabs, I was fortunate enough to be amongst a talented group of individuals that helped me grow as a designer and hone my skills creatively. Apart from being able to collaborate with my teammates, I was able to help improve our design process and spearhead movements that improved our designs as well as the user experience for sites.

I was able to improve our design process internally by documenting and organizing our packaging process that would be followed by all our team members. This organization process help reduce our implementation team's time spent on uploading our assets to the CMS by 50%. Another process I was excited to incorporate was improving the act of designing mobile first. All of our sites are responsive but were only designed in desktop due to the high volume of projects we had on our plate. I advocated to include mobile comps in our designs not only to have creative control on the outcome of what it looked like on mobile but also provide a clear guide to the developers on how to build it. This reduced the developer’s time spent on guessing how the design should translate into mobile and focus on building the site at hand.


Sketch, Adobe CC Suites, InVision, Jira